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Hygiene Products

Our range of solutions for women’s and children’s hygiene dates back to the decade of the 70s, when we started manufacturing children’s diapers. Since then, the catalogue of hygienic products has increased considerably and we now have a wide range of articles for women and children.

Nowadays, we offer solutions that are tested by dermatologists, including disposable products for the hygiene and protection of children (diapers and wipes) and women (pads, wipes and cotton).

As well as protecting and caring for your skin, our articles are manufactured according to the ISO 9001 Quality System and comply with the regulations for cosmetic products. That is why our customers trust us.

Products for children

BAMBINO diapers, which keep babies’ skin dry and protected.

BAMBINO wet wipes: with moisturising, humidifying and emollient components.

NENE wet wipes: with aloe vera, bisabolol and soya oil, which avoid skin irritation.

Products for women’s hygiene:

NUVENIA make-up remover towels with vitamin E and anti-inflammatory properties.

LOTO cosmetic cotton: make-up remover discs and cotton wool balls for women; ear buds suitable for children and adults.

NUVENIA Fresh refreshing wipes: soft and resistant viscose tissue.

CORAL pads: High absorption capacity. Classical, extra fine, night and ultra.

CORAL pantyliners: super absorbent particles and odour neutralisation.



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