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Indas Comercial

International Channel

The philosophy of quality and innovation and our commitment to society have traded borders, so that our products are present in 24 countries (United Kingdom France or Germany) among others, and we have distributors exclusively as Igaltex (Argentina).

Since the year 1994 started expansion into international markets to the present day, our international presence has increased gradually from two subsidiaries in Portugal and Morocco, and trade agreements and distribution. Export goes mainly to Europe and emerging countries of North Africa.

Products distributed in the international market are those intended for severe and mild incontinence (80% of exports) and preservatives (20% of exports).

Our philosophy in the countries in which we have implemented with permanent establishment is to adapt their internal, designing, manufacturing and marketing products that meet their needs widely markets and the purchasing power of our customers.


We have a wide range of products distributed in the international channel in Indas: solutions indicated for urinary incontinence, skin protection and children's and women's health.

Products for light incontinence, moderate, and severe:

Absorbent anatomical Indasform: indicated for patients with mobility with moderate to severe incontinence.

Absorbing elastic Indaslip: adjustable absorbent with 4 stickers, indicated for patients with reduced mobility or encamados.

Absorbent Indaslip Premium with double waist: adjustable anatomical absorbent with 4 stickers, indicated for patients with reduced mobility or encamados who suffer severe incontinence.

Elastic mesh retention: maintains the absorbent perfectly placed and prevents their displacement.

Compress to mild loss INDASEC: high capacity of absorption and neutralization of the smell. For more information about the range of products Indasec, accesses your Web (

Absorbing inner garment INDASEC: anatomical design that allows large movements.

Wipes for intimate hygiene INDASEC, lactic acid, aloe vera, bisabolol and panthenol.

Absorbent male INDASEC: anatomical design for the male figure, allowing a large movements.

Products for the protection of the skin:

Absorbent protector and Super absorbent disposable SABANINDAS: prevents the formation of ulcers and maintains the patient away from moisture.

Squeegees ADDERMIS BIACTIV with Aloe Vera. For the glúteo-genital area. To learn more about the range of products ADDERMIS BIACTIV, see

Mitts ADDERMIS BIACTIV, especially suitable for bed patients or difficulty to clean themselves.

Protective oil ADDERMIS BIACTIV, with Ambiaty, blackcurrant and aloe vera extract.

Towels for hygiene ADDERMIS BIACTIV cellulose.

Hygiene products:

Compresses tocológicas cotton and cellulose MATERNITY.

Desmaquilladoras NUVENIA, wipes with vitamin E and anti-inflammatory properties.

Baby diapers MAY BABY: high capacity of absorption and retention with barriers antiescapes. Adapted to the shape of the body of the baby.

Baby wipes MAY BABY: with aloe vera, bisabolol and soy, which avoid irritations of the skin oil.

BAMBINO, baby diapers that keep the baby's skin dry and protected.

BAMBINO baby wipes: with soothing, moisturizing and emollient components



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