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At INDAS, we develop solutions for people right from the moment they are born and throughout their lifetimes.

Our personal hygiene range offers solutions that have been tested by dermatologists and which basically consist of disposable products for the hygiene of women and children aimed at ensuring their cleanliness and protection (diapers and wipes, pads, pant liners, etc.)

The INDAS quality policy means that our hygienic products are manufactured according to the ISO 9001 Quality System and that they comply with the regulations that apply to cosmetic products.

As a professional in the healthcare sector, you will know how important it is to heighten people’s awareness of how correct hygiene can help to prevent infections and diseases. To this end, this section offers a number of tips on children’s hygiene and women’s intimate hygiene.

Tips for women’s intimate hygiene

It is important to raise women’s awareness of the fact that correct intimate hygiene is a key factor in avoiding infections and other ailments. This section provides some basic, yet very useful, tips to inform patients and prevent any problems.

The use of cotton underwear is recommended and pantyliners should not used to excess as they may cause irritation.

The area should always be washed using neutral soap, not more than twice a day. Unless otherwise directed by medical staff, vaginal douches should not be used. It is not advisable to use the bidet jet very often.

Intimate deodorant is suitable for women with abundant flow, as long as this has been proven to be a physiological characteristic and not a sign of pathology.

Sits baths with water and sodium bicarbonate have an efficient disinfecting and decongesting effect. Perfumed soaps, bath salts and talcum powder should be avoided. It is convenient to have a special towel for the genital area and not to share it.

When using the bathroom, it is important to wipe from front to back, so as to avoid transferring yeast from faecal material towards the vagina and avoid infections.

In summer, it is not recommended to wear a wet swimsuit for a long time. This will help to avoid infections like cystitis, thrush, etc.

Tips for children’s hygiene

It is essential to inform parents of the importance of personal hygiene in children. As educators, they should inculcate careful hygiene habits in their children and teach them to do them by themselves. In this section, we offer a series of practical tips for the parents of babies or young children:

Children should undergo an annual medical check-up to assess their physical and mental health status. This check-up should be performed by a paediatrician once a year.

Hand hygiene: children should wash their hands before meals and avoid frequently touching their noses, mouths and eyes, as this can lead to irritation.
The anal-genital area in girls should be cleaned from front to back, to avoid transferring germs to the urinary tract.

Children should preferably have a bath or shower at night-time and before dinner.

The anal-genital area in girls should be cleaned from front to back, to avoid transferring germs to the urinary tract.

Children’s ears should be cleaned using a folded damp cloth in order to extract the wax.

Nails should be cleaned and cut every 7 to 10 days, using fine curved scissors that follow the contour of the nail.

Children should learn to brush their teeth as soon as possible, brushing with their toothbrush and water after meals after meals and before they go to bed. Toothpaste should be used when the dentist recommends and children should go for a dental check-up every six months.

See here the products for women’s and children’s hygiene that INDAS distributes in pharmacies. If you would like more information on our product range, access the “Products” section of this website.

In order to make it easier for you to purchase our articles, we provide TRANSFER INDAS (, an exclusive online platform for pharmacists. TRANSFER INDAS will enable you to place your orders in a convenient manner, join a fidelity programme involving points, access an exclusive download area and avail of our permanent support service, which will make it possible to you to clarify any doubts you may have at any time.

Products for children:

MAY BABY baby diapers: High absorption and retention capacity, with non-leak barriers. These diapers adapt to the contours of babies’ bodies.

MAY BABY baby wet wipes: with aloe vera, bisabolol and soya oil, which avoid skin irritation.

Products for women’s hygiene:

NUVENIA make-up remover towels with vitamin E and anti-inflammatory properties.

INDASEC intimate hygiene wipes, with lactic acid, aloe vera, bisabolol and panthenol.



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