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At INDAS, we have been innovating for 25 years on solutions for patients with urinary incontinence. Ever since in the year 1984 some products for incontinent patients were incorporated into the list of items funded by the Spanish healthcare system, at INDAS we have concentrated our efforts on making major advances in the field of urinary incontinence.

As a professional working in the healthcare sector, you will be aware that there are different products for the same pathology. That is why our laboratories work hard to create different solutions that help people to lead better lives.

With the foremost objective of amply meeting patients' needs, we are continually innovating in our products, so that they will fully appreciate their attributes when using them: safety, protection and comfort.

Safety, because they have a very high absorption and retention capacity and they neutralise any odour.

Protection, which is provided by the skin-protective strips that keep the patient’s skin away from dampness and irritation.

Comfort, because our pads include adhesive labels, elastic bands that adjust to the body and wetness indication lines.

As well as developing a wide range of products intended for patients affected by incontinence, at INDAS we go even further than that, creating solutions that really help people to make their daily lives easier.


Severe incontinence (funded by the Social Security system):

Rectangular pad for urinary incontinence: recommended for mobile or reduced mobility patients affected by moderate or severe incontinence.

Anatomical pad for urinary incontinence: for mobile patients with moderate, intermediate and severe incontinence.

Elastic double waist pad for incontinence: Recommended for patients that are bedridden and affected by moderate, intermediate and severe incontinence.

Urine collector for male incontinence: to facilitate normal blood and urine flow.

Light incontinence:

For further information about our range of products for light incontinence, visit

INDASEC pad for light urine loss: High absorption and odour neutralisation capacity.

INDASEC absorbent undergarment: Anatomical design, allowing for uninhibited movement.

INDASEC intimate hygiene wipes, with lactic acid, aloe vera, bisabolol and panthenol.

INDASEC pad for men: Anatomical design for the male body, allowing for uninhibited movement.



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