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INDAS originated 60 years ago and was initially dedicated to the manufacture of gauze dressings, cotton, bandages, etc. Nowadays, at INDAS, we continue to work on creating sanitary products for distribution in pharmacies, for different target audiences. We know that our customers value our products as reliable, trustworthy solutions and that is why we are always improving our processes, to ensure that INDAS products become a guarantee of quality.

In our laboratories, we carry out research to ensure that we always create innovative products that meet the needs of those that turn to us. The innovation in healing wounds and burns is an efficient gel containing zinc hyaluronate, which promotes the regeneration of the skin, reduces inflammation and protects against possible infections, thus enabling rapid healing.

Our work of dissemination is not focused solely on solutions for incontinence; we also try to inform and advise patients and professionals about all of the types of solutions that we offer. On the website, we provide studies, news and relevant information on healing and on how zinc hyaluronate works in the treatment of wounds.

In this section, we show you the sanitary products that we are developing at INDAS for the Pharmacy channel. If you would like more information on our product range, access the “Products” section of this website.

In order to make it easier for you to purchase our articles, we provide TRANSFER INDAS (, an exclusive online platform for pharmacists. TRANSFER INDAS will enable you to place your orders in a convenient manner, join a fidelity programme involving points, access an exclusive download area and avail of our permanent support service, which will make it possible to you to clarify any doubts you may have at any time.

Sanitary product range:

Absorbent and resistant sanitary hydrophilic cotton.

Sterile gauze dressing for use in healing wounds. Soft and easily adaptable.

Elastic crepe bandage with cotton threads.

TRAQUEO’S dressing for tracheotomy patients: to isolate the area of the stoma and avoid infection.

Maternity cotton and cellulose obstetric pad.

SANISORB breastfeeding pads with waterproof backsheet.

ADDERMIS biactive protective cream, to care for and protect delicate skin and skin exposed to external aggressions. To find out more about the ADDERMIS BIACTIVE product range, see

CICACTIVE healing gel with zinc hyaluronate. Healing, antimicrobial and calming effect. For further information on CICACTIV, click on this link:



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